At OMAF we offer a wide variety of programs for the young and
young at heart.  Our Taekwondo program is recognized across
the state and nation.  Students are taught traditional Taekwondo,
self-defense, board breaking techniques and Olympic Style
Sparring.  OMAF has two (2) Master level black belt instructors in
addition to many black belt instructors. Our Instructors volunteer
their time to teach because they know the importance of building
strong bodies as well as strong minds. Taekwondo develops good
work out habits to off-set the sedimentary lifestyle that is so
prevalent in today's society.  Our classes are designed to allow
families to take class together.  As our students advance in belt
levels, they are given more and more responsibility and are
encouraged to assist the instructors with teaching duties.  This
reinforces the skills they have already learned and ultimately,
creates new instructors for future generations of martial artists.  

OMAF fields a strong competition team.  Since 2000, our
students have won more than 200 State Championships, 56
National Championships and three (3) International
Championships.  We are the home of two (2) 2004, two (2) 2005,
five (5) 2006 (A & B Teams), two (2) 2007 and one (1) 2008
National Team Members.

Our Little Dragon Program is a unique, high energy, fast paced
program designed for children 3-6 years of age.  This class is an
introduction to taekwondo in a fun, yet structured environment.  
Children are rewarded with
'Dragon Bucks' for good behavior and
special accomplishments.  
Dragon Bucks may be used to
purchase toys and other goodies from the Dragon store at the
end of each class.  As with all programs at Oxford Martial Arts &
Fitness, a strong emphasis is placed on the
tenets of

We also offer a Personal Empowerment Program.  OMAF believes
that everyone should be empowered to live, work and play in
safety.  With this goal in mind, the instructors and students of
OMAF are available for self-defense demonstrations and
interactive participation seminars within the community.

OMAF Instructors have developed and/or taught physical training
programs for the Miami University Air Force ROTC, Miami
University Naval ROTC, the McGuffey Foundation School and the
Oxford Area Home School Co-op.  Whatever your goals may be,
whether you want to work towards a National Championship,  
improve focus and discipline, get some exercise, or want to meet
new people and develop friendships that will last a lifetime, we
are just the place you’re looking for.
Oxford Martial Arts
& Fitness
5162 College Corner Pk.
(US 27 North toward Walmart)
Oxford, Ohio  45056